How to Download Kindle App on PC and Read Kindle Books

Amazon brings the Kindle app for PC with the entire essential features that its own popular ebook reader have. You can now add bookmarks, notes, highlight text, and much more. Moreover, the app also allows you to adjust the page formatting and text size in the way you want. And the best thing is that Amazon Kindle app for PC can be installed and used on all versions of Microsoft Windows, from most recent Window 10 to the older Windows 98.

If you want to access and read Kindle books on your PC with ease, then install the Kindle app for free on system. Not only you can access and read your books online, but the desktop Kindle app also allows you to read them offline on your system. Here is how to download the Kindle app on PC and read Kindle books.

Downloading and installing the Kindle app on PC

Though you can read the books without an internet connection on your computer with Kindle app. But, to download the Kindle app and books, you’ll need an internet connection. And, you must have an Amazon account to download the Kindle app as well as access the Kindle books on your PC.

1.   Go to ‘’

2.   You may need to sign in to your Amazon account.

3.   Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button to get the Kindle app for your PC.

4.   After that, choose your payment mode if prompted.

5.   Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.

6.   Now, click on ‘Place your Order’ option.

7.   You’ll now have to choose ‘Your Digital Items.’

8.   Look for the ‘Download’ button next to Kindle for PC and click on it.

Once the Kindle application downloads, it should install automatically on your PC. After a few moments, the icon of Kindle for PC will start appearing on your Desktop or under the apps lists into Amazon folder. You’ll now have to open the Kindle for PC on your computer and enter your Amazon account sign-in info to access and download the Kindle books.

Downloading and reading books on Kindle for PC

After downloading the application, you’ll be asked to sign in to your account when you launch the app. Without signing in to an account, you can’t access or download the kindle books on your PC.

1.   Go to ‘Library’ to download books from Kindle Cloud Library.

2.   Click twice on the books cover you want to download.

Once a book download downloads to your PC, you can double-click it to open and read with Kindle for PC. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re connected to the internet or not; the downloaded books can be read offline also.

Continue reading your Kindle books with easy controls of Kindle for PC.

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