Temtem: Guide to Choose the Best Starter Temtem

Temtem is a welcome to the world of amazing new creatures that will hit you nostalgic feeling of enjoying classic games like Pokemon. The world of Temtem is wonderful and it packs numerous characters too. The game provides various challenges, training, and capturing unique creatures to enjoy the game fully. Even though the game is set in a fictional world, the way it is designed is no less than a masterpiece. Wide variety of creatures and their evolving process is also available in Temtem. Most of the time RPG games are the preferred choice of gamers, and PC gamers are enthralled for playing in a whole new unique world.

The main thing that players need to do in Temtem is choosing the perfect Temtem in the beginning. The journey of Temtem game is huge, and challenges make it more thrilling. Players need to choose the right Temtem at the time of beginning the journey. The journey could be tough if you make the wrong decision in choosing the Temtem. That is why here is some essential guide that will help you to understand beginning Temtem as per their strength and weakness. In the beginning, players have to choose one Temtem among three, let’s find what’s best for you.

Pick a Smazee in Temtem

Among the three options in Temtem, Smazee is better in close range fight. Its powerful attacks are physical attacks that can damage the opponent easily. If you like to be offensive and are willing to deal heavy damage on the enemy in less time, then Smazee is ideal. Hard-hitting attacks of Smazee are physical attacks, and these attacks deal severe damage on the enemy. Among the three Temtem, there is only one Temtem that is close in the attack category, and it is Crystle.

The body structure of Smazee is small, and the colour of its body is orange. Melee type attacks are strong, and they are solid against Crystle and Earth-type and can break defences of both as well. He is not a defensive character, but against the same element Melee type, it can be great in defending.

The weakness of Smazee begins with digital and mental types. Winning from digital and mental type category Temtem will be strong against Melee. Even if your Smazee is strong enough, it still can be defeated by the decent power level of mental and digital type Temtem. If you pick up Smazee then surely it will make you win multiple times because of its strength. Other stats of Smazee are average, so if you prefer to use a physical attack, then try Smazee.

Pick Up Crystle in Temtem

Crystle is the strong and hard and same thing you will see when you will choose Crystle in Temtem. Crystle is better in both defending and offending, and the statistics are also positive. Crystle is unique and special. The physical attacks and special attacks of Crystle are so effective against any kind of opponent in the game. If you fight against Electric and Mental type Temtem, then the power of Crystle will increase even more. Choosing Crystle could be a great option because it is better in both attacking and defending terms.

However, there are two other elements that make Crystle a weaker Temtem. These two types of Temtem are Melee and Earth-type monsters. Both are strong against Crystle because their physical attacks are very powerful and effective. Now it is your choice what type of Temtem you will choose, as both strength and weakness are in front of you.

Pick Up Houchic in Temtem

The third option that you have in Temtem is choosing a mental type of Temtem, which is Houchic. No doubt, Houchic is amazing in special attacks. The power in the special attack of Houchic is ultimate, and it can cause several other elements Temtem. Houchic is also a great option to choose if you will face Neutral and Melee type Temtems. Houchic is fully capable of avoiding physical attacks, and that is why against Melee and Neutral type Houchic is an advantage.

Against Crystle type Houchic is weak because of Crystle its attack doesn’t affect much. Most of the Mental types Temtem are weak against Crystle types. In the beginning, choosing Houchic could be good in use as of in the team. Special attacks deal great damage against most of the other Temtem. Houchic defensive stat is weak. Unlike Melee and Neutral type Temtem, Houchic is weak against physical attacks.

Which Temtem You Should Choose

Now you know details of all three beginning Temtem of game. They all have some strength and weakness. Now if you are confused, then you should choose among Crystle and Melee. It is because both have good stats and their defence is also much helpful against any kind of element Temtem.

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