Street fighter 5 laura combos

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She travels the world seeking strong fighters to train with and join her dojo. With her command grabs, EX Thunder Clap, and dashes Laura is one of the scariest mix up characters in the game. Unique to most grapplers is her Thunder Clap, a short ranged projectile that can be charged for extra hits and travel a further distance; the EX version can travel nearly full screen and causes a juggle on hit. Against slower characters this can let her control space and walk the opponent down, though it's too slow to be used like a Hadoken or similar moves.
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Street Fighter 5: Laura moves list

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Street Fighter 5 Laura Guide - How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter | SegmentNext

Her best buttons: - j. HP on hit. Can frame trap into itself, but loses to fast normals. Can frametrap into cr.
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Street Fighter 5 Laura Guide – How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter

A newbie to Street Fighter and one of the most versatile grapplers in the game. Newcomer Laura is at least part grappler, but some of her move set makes her one of the more versatile takes on that style of character, including a projectile attack and a traversal-based V-Skill — she can get in your face and become deadly a lot more easily than most. There are variants beyond that, accomplished by holding back or forwards when you press the buttons. Her V-Skill is significantly powered up when her V-Trigger is active. Laura electrifies herself — and as a result, her Thunder Clap projectiles last longer and fly further, while all her attacks and special moves now deal more stun damage.
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Laura Matsuda is the older sister of Sean from SF3. She is a new character to the Street Fighter series. Laura is a grappler, she has high damage, strong mixups and a powerful command grab. Her goal is to get in your face, put you in a mixup situation and keep you guessing until you die, in a perfect world she does this every single time. Sadly, this is not a perfect world, invincible reversals exist and there are counters to all her mixups, however, once Laura gets the momentum she can be hard to stop.
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